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FX100 as Generator

How is the FX100 set to just generate tone / test signal? Also various measurements? Seems using the FX-Control software only automated tests can be run. We would like use like the XL2 / MRPro combo with the extended capabilities of the FX100 for product development. The automated tests will be used for quality control process. We are currently using one of the FX100 demo units.

Hello Amanda,

in the FX-Control software, go to the Generator --> Meter --> OutputActivation setting

  • When set to MeasurementDriven, the signal is only sent out for the duration of the measurement
  • When set the AlwaysOn, the signal is sent continously.

Hope this helps.


Hmmm... Not seeing the OutputActivation setting item in my installation. Ver. 3.0.1


Hi Amanda,

either drag&drop the meter section into the center sheet, or click on Generator-->Meter and modifiy the properties on the right side

Best Regards,


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