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Neutrik A1 Software

Hi. I'm looking for the application software for a Neutrik A1 audio analyzer which runs on a PC by any chance? It is called ASO3. Thanks

Hello Mike,

I'll send you the dlownload link for the AS03 software by personal email

However, please note that his software is >30 years old and is written for DOS OS.

It used to run under some very early Windows versions and PC architectures, but will most likely not operate under any modern PC

Best Regards,

Gregor Schmidle

NTi Audio

Thank you very much Gregor. I truly appreciate your help. Will get it to work Best Regards, Mike
Hi Gregor. I have been able to get the software to work on Windows 7 64 but using a program called DOSBox. I initially had problems communicating with the A1 but this was resolved by typing in a serial line command in DOSBox prior to starting the AS03 software. My serial port is Com 1: serial1=directserial realport:com1 Thank you very much once again. Best Regards, Mike
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