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Data Explorer templates


Thank-you for the v1.92 improvements to DE.

Would I be possible to add a 4th option to the layout pull down to display level trace, spectrograph & RTA on the same page?

Even better would be fully customisable templates using something like Crystal Reports, MS Word merge or Liquid. Complete control over page layout & content.

I appreciate you can export the raw data into other applications, but it would be preferable to keep the workflow within DE where possible.

Many thanks

Gareth Hance


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Dear Gareth,

Many thanks for your feedback. We are trying hard to keep up with your suggestions :-).

Actually the second selection in the pull down menu provides you the level trace, spectrograph & RTA on the same page.

Custmisable templates might be challenging for not so experienced customers like you.

I am pleased to learn more how the new measruement report could be extended for your needs?

Best regards
Berno Nigsch

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