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View sound insulation test results on XL2 screen


Are there any plans to incorporate processing and viewing sound insulation measurement results on the XL2 rather than having to transfer to a PC (e.g. viewing third octave D, R' etc plots, single figure rating reference curves, and single figure R'w, DnT,w results etc on the XL2 screen)?

This feature would be extremely useful for obtaining instant results on site and is a feature already provided by other sound level meters used for building acoustics, e.g. Bruel &Kjaer 2250, Norsonic Nor140.


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Hello Alex,

thanks for your input. 

Currently the Sound Insulation Reporter is the only way to obtain and report Sound Insulation results. However, we'll certainly evaluate your request for upcoming developments.

Best Regards,


Gregor Schmidle

NTi Audio

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