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Lazy persons "macro" for STI measurements?


I'm new to this forum, but not really new to NTi equipment :)

As concerts are really special occasions now, I do more RT60 and STI measurements for installed sound, also EVAC systems tests. 

So local regulations (or are they international?) require to do average of 3 measurements for each location. At the moment I do a measurement, then go to Averaging, Add Cycle, then Add Cycle one more time, if the measurement is not good (??? as the result), repeat last cycle, if all 3 results are good, go to save and confirm it. So quite lot of jog wheel riding. Imagine if there was a "macro" that would make a series of measurements (maybe you could define a number?), would re-measure invalid ones and when the required number of valid measurements is reached, saved it in file with auto incremental number. Am I dreaming?

TIA, Einars

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Hi Einars,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for your feedback.

The international standard IEC 60268-16 lists "It is a good practice to average the STI results over two or three measurements for a specific condition". This will improve the measurement accuracy.

Yes, presently the idea is, that you confirm adding each single STI measurement manually; this allows you to skip any false or bad readings in case of disturbances quickly. An alternative approach could be your suggested automated STI cycle measurements like you do already in the RT60 function of the XL2 Sound Level Meter. We shall evaluate this idea for future developments.



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