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Automatically restarting logging after power interruption

Unfortunately sometimes the power fails during unattended logging measurements.


If power is restored, e.g. the solar panel re-charges the battery, the XL2 can be reconfigured to automatically power back on and restart the measurement.


The XL2 hardware does need to be revision E or D2. You can tell your XL2 hardware revision from its serial number. A serial number of A2A-12345-E0 is revision E while a serial number of A2A-01234-D1 is hardware revision D1 and would need to be update. Use our RMA System to return the XL2 for update. Hardware updates are included free of charge as part of calibration.


For an XL2 with serial ending in E0 or D2, press and hold the start/stop button for 3 seconds to enable Locked Run Mode. A confirmation screen will appear (A) and afterwards an “L” will be displayed in the Run Indicator on the XL2’s screen (B).


In NoiseScout Gateway, you can also press the start/stop button for 3 seconds in the browser window (C)


When the measurement is done, press and hold the start/stop button  for 3 seconds to exit Locked Run Mod.

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