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Sound Level Meter Excel for Mac

Hi, could you provide a Version of the Sound Level Meter Excel file suitable for Excel for Mac? 

I think the Main Problem is the "GetOpenFilename" when you press the Load File Button. Excel then tries to some Location like "C:\User\...." which doesn't exist on a Mac.

Otherwise, can you provide me a non password-protected Version of the File, so I can do the Changes by myself?

Kind regards

Markus Ullrich

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With Apple moving to ARM I'm not expecting Windows VM's on MacOS for much longer. It would be really useful if Data Explorer & Projector Pro was available for MacOS and IOS.

Hallo Herr Ullrich,

danke für Ihren Vorschlag. Wir werden nächste Woche auf Sie zukommen.

mit freundlichen Grüssen,

Gregor Schmidle

Wäre wirklich gut wenn es was geben würde :)
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