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When was the first human voice recorded?

Allegedly, recently this very old voice recording of a famous person was found saying,

"I feel a great burden of responsibility." 

Who can we eliminate from this list as having not recorded this? 

• Sherlock Holmes

• William Shakespeare

• Queen Victoria

• Nero

Not Nero! - Bill M.

We can eliminate the following persons from having made a voice recording:


 Sherlock Holmes - fictional character

 William Shakespeare - lived before voice recording

 Nero - lived before voice recording


- Nathaniel F.

The answer is

Queen Victoria - John-Erik E.

It's Queen Victoria.

The first voice recording was on 9th April 1860

Queen Victoria † 1901

William Shakespeare † 1616

Nero † 68 AD

It is surprising how many people believe that Sherlock Holmes was a real person. :)

- Paul Sinclair, NTi Audio

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