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Backlight dimming - more steps?

 I'm using XL2 to monitor SPLs while watching movies/concerts in a darkened space. Then it's essential that the video projector is the only bright light source. The dimmest setting of the XL2 is a bit too bright in darkness and the backlight off state is not usable either. Would it be possible to add 2-3 dimming steps by just updating the software?

You might want to consider privacy overlays like they have at banks 3M Privacy and Screen Protectors

I think they also reduce the brightness away from the main viewing angle.

XL2 screen is less than 2.5 x 2.5 inches so most privacy screens for phones could be cut down to fit.

Hello Marko,

thanks for your suggestion. I will discuss with the development team and add this feature to the product backlog if feasible.

Best Regards,


NTi Audio

Gregor Schmidle
Product Manager

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