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Neutrik A2 - Not Working Properly - Test Points for Repair


I have a Neutrik A2 that is not working properly: Lots of noise coming from the speaker when test leads are plug in or unplugged, the unit goes into W&F mode randomly, when the volume knob is rotated to clockwise the display flickers. I also get messages randomly at boot up. The messages say: "Switch 3 was activated at boot up", or " Switch 16 was activated at boot up".

When I opened the unit I noticed that the circuit boards have lots of test points but they are not marked to show what signal should appear at those points. I have a user manual and schematic diagram but they too does not show any information about the test points. The manual does not show the meaning of the Boot up messages either. 

Does anyone have a diagram for the Neutrik A2 that shows the Test Points information and signal flow? I think this would be an Oscillogram diagram, not quite sure if that is correct.

Thanks for your help.


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