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Memory card full

I want to set up a long-time running logging measurement and I wonder what happens when the memory card is full. Does the logging stop?

Hello Ben,

yes, in case the SD card gets full, - the logging would stop.

How long do you intend to record?

When using compressed audio, the recording takes up roughly 41.6 MB/h

With a 32 GB card, that translates into 4 weeks of audio data

When using 24bit linear audio, the  recording takes up roughly 500 MB/h 

With a 32GB card, that translates into 65 hours of audio data

Also, there are ways to 

a) periodically upload audio data from the SD card to a server 

b) only log audio when it is of interest (e.g. when a certain level is exceeded)

Please contact me directly at for further information.

Best Regards,


NTi Audio

Thanks Gregor.

I want to log for about 1 week. I have set up for recording events only and compressed audio and the XL2 is loaded with a 32GB card, so assume I should be fine.

My question was raised as all the logging data is stored in a single file, but will that file be terminated correctly once the memory card is full?

Also, I noticed that data for the full logging period will be logged, not only when an event is detected. So I will get one immense file with all data. Initially, I was expecting a separate data file for each detected event, which would reduce the data I have to go through.

Thanks anyway for your response.
Best regards,


Hello Ben,

the XL2 will split up the wav recording into files of approximately 500 MB size.  (roughly 12 hours of compressed audio recording)

This makes them much easier to handle.

Best Regards,


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