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Projector Pro on Linux

Hello, could we have a version of Projector Pro that runs on (almost) any hardware & OS? Say Linux on x86 or ARM? Or step further away from hardware dependence with a Java or Python version? Getting shout over radio that the sound meter has failed on main stage because Windoze has crashed or decided it’s a good time to do an update mid concert needs to be consigned to pre-COVID history. Thanks
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Hello Gareth,

thanks for your message.

The Projector PRO software is available for Windows and MacOS. When choosing an up-to-date and properly configured version on either of these two operating systems, you will find them to work highly reliable. Let me know if we can be of any assistance.

So lets hope that everyone is soon being able to enjoy live concerts with live audience, monitored with the XL2 and the Projector PRO software :=)

Best Regards,


Gregor Schmidle

NTi Audio

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