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MR-PRO: Why are the XLR connectors installed with Pin 2 up (near screen)?

With Pin 2 of XLR  nearest screen (up), if you plug directly into another device this is a huge issue using cable not so much of course. I understand the MR is mainly a field device where it's usually cable fed. But if placed on desk it can be awkward.

I wonder what the logic was in doing this. I would guess it has to has to do with placement of the PCB relative to the display screen, attempting to keep it hand-size.

I'm thinking it can't be flipped neither???

Opinions and comments please.



Hello William,

thanks for your posting.

Your guess is right, - the PCB arrangement plus the fact that the MR-PRO is assumed to be operated with an XLR cable defined the orientation of the XLR connector.

What would be a use case where you would like to directly plug the MR-PRO into a device? Can you post a picture please?



NTi Audio

I'll try to post one. One device I use is a XLR Balanced 'Tap' where you banana (Red, Black, Green) into the housing where a XLR-M and XLR-F live  Normally I would plug this device directly into the MR XLR-M out, but I made a 6" XLR cable to resolve the small inconvenience.


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