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Data Explorer templates


Thank-you for the v1.92 improvements to DE.

Would I be possible to add a 4th option to the layout pull down to display level trace, spectrograph & RTA on the same page?

Even better would be fully customisable templates using something like Crystal Reports, MS Word merge or Liquid. Complete control over page layout & content.

I appreciate you can export the raw data into other applications, but it would be preferable to keep the workflow within DE where possible.

Many thanks

Gareth Hance


Dear Gareth,

Many thanks for your feedback. We are trying hard to keep up with your suggestions :-).

Actually the second selection in the pull down menu provides you the level trace, spectrograph & RTA on the same page.

Custmisable templates might be challenging for not so experienced customers like you.

I am pleased to learn more how the new measruement report could be extended for your needs?

Best regards
Berno Nigsch

Having used Svantek SV307's this summer, the automatic reporting is streets ahead. The reports are fully customisable. Better looking layouts, no clunky bold fonts, geo data like images & maps. Automatically generated using a scheduler & delivered by email in Word or .pdf format. The time saved makes the hardware investment cost-neutral. I know you're investing time in the XL3, but are we likely to see similar time-saving features in Data Explorer?  Thanks

Dear Gareth,

Many thanks for your feedback. 

I assume you refer to the report generated by SvanNet.

Does the report meets your requirements w/o any further processing?

Could I receive such a sample report?


Presently, NoiseScout does not offer such a automated reporting yet.

This is scheduled for future developments.

Best regards
Berno Nigsch


Hi Berno, The SvanNet reports are good at presenting the measurement data, without processing. Appreciate it is possible to achieve similar results using FTP schedulers & automated scripts, the managed service has benefits over a DIY approach. I'll email reports direct.Thanks for speedy reply. Best .gh

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