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“No Microphone Attached” in NoiseScout


A customer reported “No Microphone Attached” in NoiseScout . But everything is live and working. Have you seen this before?


You will see that message when using a non-NTI XLR cable.

The NTI audio has an extra, 4th connection on the shield. That extra line is used to digitally transmit the model, serial number and sensitivity. We use the term Automated Sensor Detection (ASD). It is a version of TEDS transmitted on the 4th line. Similar to a 7-pin LEMO that also uses a dedicated pin for TEDS.

ASD works up to 20 m. Longer than that the signal is attenuated too much for reliable transmission.

An XL2 uses either the last ASD mic its has seen or a manually entered sensitivity.

ASD only works on XL2, not Flexus or ML1/AL1.

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