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XL2 acoustic pressure-time history logging

 Hi, I recently purchased the XL2 and I was hoping I can simply record acoustic pressure time history, store it and then analyze this data in PC using Matlab/whatever..

Reading the manual I am now not sure whether this is actually possible or if I need to purchase some software extension?

What I need is to simply record few seconds of measured noise and store this data - ideally in pascals already.

Anyone can help?



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Hello Martin,

you can log measurement results on the XL2 SD memory card and copy those results to your PC after the measurements for further analysis. For this, you don't need any additional option.

If you need to query live values from the XL2 via USB interface, then you would need this option:

600 000 375XL2 Remote Measurement Optionprovides command set for developers


Best Regards,


NTi Audio

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