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XL2 Vibration, how to fix "Microphone detected: Switch XL2 to Sound Level Meter" when you connect ICP Adapter ASD

By default, new ICP Adapter ASD are configured to vibration. It is possible that as older Adapter could be configured to measure sound or that a colleague changed the setting.

If you receive the message  "Microphone detected: Switch XL2 to Sound Level Meter", follow these steps

  1. Press Yes to the "Microphone detected" message box.
  2. image

  3. The XL2 will switch to Sound Level Meter mode
  4. Go to Calibrate
  5. image

  6. In the ASD Data field, choose "Vibration".


  8. XL2 will then switch to Vibration Meter mode. Now whenever the ICP Adapter ASD is connected it will prompt to switch to Vibration Meter (until ASD Data is changed to Sound)
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