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Using XL2 with Spectral Limits Option to identify the source of a specific frequency

It is useful to find which part of a device is emitting a specific frequency. The part emitting the frequency may not be the original source of the energy but it is part of the transmission path.

The XL2 with Spectral Limits/Noise Curve option allows you to listen to the sound through a 1/1-, 1/3-octave, 1/6-, or 1/12-octave filters. You could but the XL2 mic on a mic boom pole to get the mic close to different potential sources.


You could the listen to bandpassed sound through headphones as you move the mic from potential source to potential source.


To use the feature:

  1. Decide on the width of the bandpass filter (e.g 1/1-octave, 1/3-otave)
  2. Set the cursor mode to manual
  3. Move the cursor to the frequency you want to listen to
  4. Press the speaker button on the XL2, change “Listen” to Bandpass


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